The holy grail of customer journey automation

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The customer journey is a critical aspect of any business. From the moment a potential customer lands on a website to the point of sale, businesses must ensure that they are providing a seamless and personalized experience. One common pain point for e-commerce businesses is customers abandoning their shopping carts without completing a purchase. This not only results in lost sales but also leaves businesses wondering about the reasons behind this behavior. To address this issue, e-businesses have turned to customer journey automation, specifically by informing customers about products left in their baskets. In this article, we will explore how this automation tactic can help e-commerce recover lost sales, provide a personalized customer experience, and drive revenue growth.

We will also examine the technology behind this automation, as well as best practices for implementation and optimization.

For this use-case we will use Tracardi. Tracardi is an all-in-one customer journey automation platform. Tracardi can analyze customer behavior data and generate personalized messages that entice customers to complete their purchases. By integrating with e-commerce platforms, Tracardi can track customer actions in real-time, such as adding items to their carts, and automatically trigger personalized emails or SMS messages to remind them about their abandoned carts.

An example scenario could look like this.

  1. A potential customer visits the e-commerce website and browses the product pages.
  2. The customer adds an item to their cart but does not complete the purchase.
  3. An automated email is sent to the customer with a reminder of the items in their cart and a personalized incentive to complete the purchase, such as a discount code or free shipping.
  4. If the customer does not complete the purchase within a specified timeframe, a follow-up email is sent to offer additional support or address any concerns the customer may have.
  5. If the customer completes the purchase, a thank-you email is sent with details of the order and estimated delivery date.
  6. After the estimated delivery date has passed, an automated email is sent to follow up with the customer and ensure their satisfaction with the product.
  7. If the customer leaves a positive review, a follow-up email can be sent with a discount code for their next purchase.

By automating these steps, the e-commerce business can provide a seamless customer journey and increase the chances of converting potential customers into repeat buyers. Additionally, the business can save time and resources by automating these tasks rather than manually reaching out to each customer individually.

To successfully implement the customer journey automation scenario of informing customers about left products in their baskets, businesses need a tool that can seamlessly track customer behavior, contact external systems for additional data about the recent basket, and delay certain actions, such as messaging the customer at an optimal time.


When it comes to finding the right customer journey automation platform, businesses need to consider several important factors. Specifically, they should look for a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of features and integrations to help drive optimal results. Tracardi is one such platform that businesses should consider. With its advanced event collection and storage capabilities, Tracardi can help businesses track important customer actions like “add-to-basket” events and build a detailed history of each customer’s behavior. Additionally, Tracardi offers a user-friendly graphical editor that allows businesses to process all of this information and send personalized messages to customers.


If you’re interested in trying out Tracardi for your business, you can do so free of charge. Tracardi is an open-source customer data platform and journey automation tool that can be installed on your computer, making it accessible to companies of all sizes. With its intuitive interface and extensive documentation, businesses can easily get started with Tracardi and start leveraging its advanced features to optimize their customer journey.

Whether you’re a small startup, marketing agency, or a large enterprise, Tracardi is a powerful tool that can help you succeed in today’s highly competitive business landscape.