Composable API-First Customer Data Platform

Introducing TRACARDI: the ultimate customer data platform that revolutionizes the way businesses connect with their customers.

Integrate easy

Tracardi doesn’t require the complex integration or dedicated infrastructure. It is cloud agnostic so you can install it on any cloud or on-premises; It is API First, Data First solution that is open to any integration. You can consume customer events and data programmatically real time.

Unify your profiles

You can ingest, aggregate and merge customer data from various sources into single profile. Auto de-duplicate customer records. Blend customers in one account.

Collect and organize

Tracardi journey automation organizes customer data collection and optimizes customer engagement, messaging, and interactive elements of your e-commerce ecosystem. It can enhance the customer experience with relevant, timely targeting and messaging, product recommendations, reminders, etc.

Integrate with no-code your internal systems

Tracardi is a centralized communication and orchestration hub that can integrate different parts of your IT parts.

Build loyal customer base

Create personalized loyalty programs with smooth customer experience at every touchpoint. Integrate with your existing e-commerce without hassle.

Scale your business easily

Tracardi is a headless, API first platform. Build with modern tools and designed as a decentralized system that can handle your needs.

Social engagement

Use Tracardi bridges and connect your e-commerce platform to the existing social media networks. Reward your clients for sharing your products or commenting on the content that helps you sell.

Stay open to all the tools available on the Internet

Tracardi is open source. Do not limit your business to the closed set of tools. If there is any tool that will help you sell Tracardi will help you connect it with your business.