Introducing Version 0.7.4: Your Software Just Got another Upgrade!

We are thrilled to release the new version 0.7.4 of our software, packed with exciting new features and improvements! Some highlights include:

  • Plugins for Google Analytics 4, Github, and Discord, as well as a new “if” plugin
  • Upgrade to node v18.12.1
  • Caching improvements for event source configuration, event validation schema, and event tagging schema
  • GUI updates including a new event source configuration form and display configuration
  • Major overhaul of the collection engine and new event data display configuration options
  • New Bridge API for developers
  • Security fixes including an installation token and removal of envs with credentials
  • Bug fixes including a fix for bridge errors and profile duplication
  • Commercial features such as the event redirect bridge, webhook bridge, and background processes for profile merging and deduplication

We can’t wait for you to try out all of these new features and see how they enhance your experience with our software. Thank you for using our product