Composable API-First Customer Data Platform

Welcome to a new age of customer data management. We build an composable, open-source customer data platform to that easily integrates with your running business.

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Tracardi CDPs can help you connect the dots between customer data across different touchpoints, giving you valuable insights that you can use to improve your customers’ experiences.

By automating processes like personalized messaging and targeted marketing campaigns, you can also boost customer engagement and retention rates.

Use Tracardi to:


Engage Your Customers

Enhance your customer journeys with automated responses. Predict your customers next move.


Boost Sales

Use the social media, SaaS, AI to boost your sales. Integrate any system with your e-commerce solution. Orchestrate LLMs and use ChatGPT for e-commerce purposes.


Write No Code

You don’t have in-house developers, that’s not a problem, integrate and run TRACARDI without writing any code.


Find our super powers

Our powers come from flexible, open software that can be extended to meet your needs

Customer Data

Create a comprehensive customer database accessible by other systems to analyze, track, and manage customer interactions. Collect user data long before conversion.

Multiple Channels

Collect data from different channels. Open, easy to use data collector that gather data from mobile, web, IoT, and other sources.

Engage Customers

Insert micro front-ends to interact with customers. Get the information when you need it, real time.

Event based

System can fire any action based on event it receives. It can trigger marketing automation, send SMS or e-mail, etc.

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The secret to delivering a great customer experience is shifting your focus from
simply serving your customers, to engaging with them in a seamless way.

Questions and answers


Is it free product?

Yes, it’s free and will be always free. We are open-source platform with additional premium services.


How Tracardi works?

Tracardi is fueled by events from sources such as mobile apps, web services, CRMs, e-commerce shops, CSV files and API integrations. The software unifies all the data formats into one and orchestrates information about your customers to other systems such as AI product referral systems, or interact with the user directly via micro front-ends.


Can I integrate it on my legacy web shop?

Sure. Integration is as simple as pasting a JavaScript code.

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